Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When in Doubt, Gas It!

It may be time to replace some of my old gear and tools.  This past weekend I about had a heart attack while driving back from Perry, Kansas.  Christopher and I had just spend the afternoon having a great time riding and enjoying our new rides out a Perry Lake ATV and Motorcycle trails. 

All was going well up until I took the I-635 exit off of I-70.  We navigate the ramp fine but just as we start heading North on I-635 a truck driver starts waving his hands at me.  I wave back and proceed on.  When I go to check my mirrors again I about crap my pants.  The Honda CRF 250 X that I just got was gone.  At least I could not see it in my rear view mirror.   Turns out my 25 year old tie downs are not what they used to be. 
As you can see, if it was not for the wheel chock and fender (yes the same one that Tige said not to stand on because it would bend) my new motorized rig would have been a goner. This was not my first experience with seeing my motorcycle at a 30 degree angle on a trailer either.  I can still see the images in my mind like yesterday was 1984..... 

.....Joey, John and I were heading back from Jacksonville, Florida.  We had just completed a round of the Florida Gold Cup series and were heading back home in his Ford Bronco.  We had this little three rail trailer at the time that somehow managed to stay in one piece despite Joey's excessive driving speeds - very seldom were we ever going under 85 mph.  I still do not know how we survived that summer and it amazes me that our little trailer with 12 inch tires made it also.  On this day, while on an off-ramp going well over the posted speed limit, our little trailer loaded down with three motorcycles goes up on one wheel.  The speed caused so much force on the trailer that up she went on one wheel.  As I look back, I see the outside motorcycle's grips were dragging the pavement.   True to his nature, Joey gassed it even more and sure enough the trailer straightens out.  If he would have hit the brakes the trailer would have surely flipped along with our bikes.

I have been working with Christopher on his motorcycle skills and showing him a safe way to ride. One of the harder concepts for him to learn is that sometimes it is better to grab a handful of throttle than to brake.  Like the old saying goes,  "When it doubt, Gas it"

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