Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Turn Around

If you would have asked me 4 years ago what a typical weekend for me would be like in the year 2012, it would be nothing like what I am currently experiencing.  4 years ago my son Christopher stopped riding bicycles, was afraid of riding the motorcycle that we bought him and you could not get the kid to run even if he was being chased by a mountain lion. All he wanted to do was play video games.  I never liked being pushed when I was a kid into doing anything that I did not want to do, so we did not push Christopher and let him mature at his own rate.  I told him that I would support what ever he wanted to do, even if that meant doing nothing. 

 Fast forward 4 years and my typical weekend is full of riding mountain bikes, going on family vacations to the mountains, riding motorcycles, swimming, running and even activities like shooting guns. Yes I have always done these activities, but now my son Christopher has joined me.  The video games has been turned off for many months - a decision made by him, not his parents. 

Many say that you end up like your parents.  I can see a lot of my parents in me, both the good and bad.   Hopefully Christopher ends up a lot more like his mother instead of me.   I can tell you one thing, if he does not get those elbows up he will never be like his dad.......

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