Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Speed Weapon

Speed is the name of the game and here is my new weapon of choice for Tri's/Du's and TT's.

Well, mostly updated than new... I will again use my Orbea Aletta frame. I added a Ritchey Logic seat post with a normal set back this year. I liked the 76 degree seat angle of the Orbea last year, but when I resumed training this year I felt "out of sorts" on the bike and my TT position was causing pain in my shoulder. After many adjustments I found I felt more balanced and comfortable when I positioned my saddle more to the rear. This took a lot of weight off my shoulder and as a added bonus I climbed a lot better. So far the more relaxed geometry did not deter a good run - at least during my recent brick workouts.

One obvious new addition is a set of Williams 58 carbon tubular wheels. I was very afraid of going back to sew-ups (disclaimer: only road sew-ups for one year about 15 years ago). But Dave offered this wheel set as a trade and I decided I could not go wrong. I will not go into details due to time constraints , but after my experience with gluing on a new set of tires this will be my last set of tubulars. That is unless the "ride" is that much better like some say. Hopefully my new Kenda Volare perform as expected.

The final addition is a new Rudy Project Syton TT helmet. It is their older design TT helmet, but the price was right and I liked the way if fit more.

First test of my new speed weapons will be this weekend at the Sedalia Spring Into Summer Duathlon. Wish me luck.

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