Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sedalia Spring into Summer Duathlon

Carolynn I headed over to Sedalia for the Sedalia Spring into Summer Duathlon again this year. Last year we both had a good time. I won the Short Course division in the duathlon and Carolynn had a great ride on the Katy Trial. This year not so much....

You crashed on what?.... Carolynn was thinking about doing the short course this year, but decided that she did not want to experience any pain today (lack of run training) and would just take some pictures and enjoy a nice ride on the Katy. The race begins with a 2 mile run out of Cloverdell Park, goes down 1 mile and then returns via the Katy Trail to the East end of the park. Carolynn proceeds to head down to where the runners will be entering the park. There is this really smooth grass road that is part of the course. She heads down there, but does not get there early enough and the front runners have already passed. I am next and come running by and she missing taking a picture of me. She decided to get on her bike and catch me before I enter the transition area. Somehow she manages to find the only rough section of the grass trail and ends up loosing the front end and getting thrown off the bike. Bike was all twisted up but not as bad as Carolynn's arm and hand. One of her fingers appeared to be dislocated - it is just hanging down. When finished the race I did not really know what to do with a dislocation other than pull it really hard and hope it goes back in. Apparently this worked.

Update on the finger/shoulder: Carolynn poor little finger is still not straight. Bruised and swollen. Shoulder is killer her. I sure hope she did not tear anything like I did. Maybe it is time for the Locke's to retire?

Not ready to race just yet....As for me my day did not go so well either. My training had been going good, so good that I actually had the goal of winning the Masters 40+ Overall award. But race days can bring you many things including a pair of dead legs....First 2 mile run started off o.k. as I wanted to pace myself, but not at a pathetic 7:30 min mile pace. I could not believe the splits times that they were calling out. No wonder the leaders looked like they were a mile ahead - they where. I had good transition and was looking forward to a fast bike leg and gaining some ground. First 5 miles or so when good. I caught a dozen or so riders and was making up time fast. My new Speed Weapon was rolling good. (I loved the Kenda Tubular tires by the way). Then we hit some rollers and I just had no power. I actually had to get down in the small chain ring to keep my cadence up. The next 4 miles were really rough. Some of the guys that I had passed got back by me. I kept telling myself not the let heat get to you and push it more. This helped and I picked up the pass on the finishing stretch and was rolling along quickly with the aid of a tail wind. I finished the 12 mile bike strong and by a later calculation was in 1st in my age-group. The final 2 mile leg turned out to be my undoing. I guess I drank to much on the bike because when I tried to run all that water just sloshed around in my stomach. This happens to me a lot when it is hot out. I kept trying to will my legs to turn over quickly, but they would not respond. I got passed by 3 people on the run. All of them were in my age-group :-(.....turns out I still have a lot of work to do before I can expect good results.


JP Shores said...

Chris....tough luck all around! She might have waht is called Mallet Finger and she needs to see a Dr. It cld be a slight tear in the tendon and splinting is normally necessary. Hope to see u soon! Take care of yourself and each other!

Carolynn said...

Hey, JP, do I need a hand specialist? I googled it and my finger looks just like the pics on the net and it hurts like hell. Thanks, Carolynn