Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kansas State MTB Championships

Sean and I headed over to the Crocodile Rock MTB race today. This years event held on those sweet Perry Lake trails doubled as the Kansas State Mountain Bike championships. Lyle had a very fast 6 mile loop laided out for us. Trail conditions were very good despite some rain on Saturday - only a slick sections in the rocks.

This past week I started getting some abdominal pains with some stomach bloating and a small amount of bleeding. I am thinking my Colitis was coming back. I thought about just heading out to the race and take pictures/hike the trails, but really did not feel that bad by the time Sean showed up so I went ahead and loaded up my bike. I like the Perry trails and wanted to get some saddle time in and support the local MTB events.

The approaching storm clouds only brought some relief from the heat. I was not really looking forward to 4 laps in 90+ degree heat. My recent "gut" problems only affirmed my decision to abide by Carolynn's wishes and stop racing at the first sign of trouble.

A good start for me as I followed Omaha's Ryan Feagan into the single track. My teammate Damian was in 3rd behind me and I quickly let him by so he would have the best chance at Kansas State championship in the Men's Cat 1 40 - 49 division. Damian would go on the not only win the state title but took 2nd overall behind Ryan on the day. Less than a mile into the event and I was not really feeling good and I did feel confident going fast in the corners due to my shoulder. I backed off the pace and soon just about the entire Cat 1 field was by me. I stayed close for the entire first lap and even caught back up on the slick rocky sections. I came in just behind the eventual 2nd place finisher and financial coach Brendan Jenks just ahead. On the second lap my gut was really starting to hurt so I backed her down even more and put it on cruise control. By the third lap I had to stop several time to let the pain and bloating subside. I figured I would just wait to get lapped and finish. Turns out according to HSP you do not finish on the leaders lap and they put me down for a DNF :-)

I plan to take a month off from racing and of course pay my doctor a visit. This has been one hell of a year for injuries and set backs. It is hard to keep motivated in times like these. Hopefully some tome off to finish up healing will help.

Congratulation to Damian Almanza and Tim Greene (Marathon) for bringing home 2011 Kansas State Mountain Bikes Championships to the out Cow Town family.

Some pictures from the days activities including the longest awards ceremony ever...

Kansas State MTB Championships

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Ted said...

I have been struggling with setbacks as well Chris. We just need to stay positive and stay motivated!