Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gravel Grinders are in Season

The gravel grinders are in season. Time to burn off the excesses of the holiday season and put is some fun miles to get ready for a successful 2011.

January is full of gravel grinding fun with events in Riverside, Lawrence, Smithville and Belton. Check out Guru's Gravel Grinders from more information.

The fun begins on Saturday with the Riverside-Waldron Gravel Grinder. A perfect opportunity for newbies and experienced riders alike. Route is flat and fun. Notice I did not say fast. That is because these events are designed to be fun and social. You will not see the face to the right during this ride. The added benefit, besides not having to look at my face, is you will get some great base miles in and you all will thank me come race season.

Course map is below. I marked some short-cuts if you need them.

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