Saturday, January 15, 2011

Between the Lakes Gravel Grinder

Brett hosted today's gravel grinder from his home town Lawrence, Kansas. We are lucky the Between the Lakes Gravel Grinder happened at all with Brett's premature celebration of his 25 birthday. But the trooper he is the ride carried on with a hangover and all.

Things started out late due to forgotten items like shoes. See above for the reason. Our first crash of the day happened before we even started rolling - Tim needs to add ice screws to his shoes. Once we got going things quickly a little sketchy when we passed through Burcham Park. The path was snow covered with some deep snow. More of the snow was encountered on the way back into town when we hit the levee. Things settled down after that with a long section of pave' until the fun started and the sweet gravel was upon us.

A good 45 mile ride with some good guys. Fun time.

Pictures below and some short movies. I will have to work on my movies. Darn camera was cutting out after a few seconds.

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