Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Am I Really Good At?

The race/event calendar for 2011 is starting to fill up. One of my "must do" events is the Ouachita Challenge. I have done this event for the past 4 years and even thought I have never had a great race down there something always calls me back to do it again and makes me get up at 1:15 in the morning to register before the event sells out (which it did in record time).

This year Christopher is planning on participating in the Ouachita Challenge with me. He was on the fence for a few days and kept asking if the course was harder than the Dakota 50 which we both raced in during the summer. I could not answer his question because they are both very different events/courses. I think he will enjoy the event and if he puts in some saddle time should be able to finish the OC before the cut-off times.

I am still working on building a program for 2011. Doing some fitness testing and bike fitting right now. The problem for me is I like to do some many things that I end of being a "jack of all trades and master of none" and we all no that in today's world you must specialize to succeed. The problem is what should I specialize in???

Saturday I had to be at work mid-morning so I was not able to partake in the Gardner Gravel Grinder. Bummer because I always enjoy a ride in hard conditions which I hear they encountered on Saturday.

I did have time to race in the Kris Kringle 5K run out at Swope Park. A little 5K race held at the new Southeast Community Center. A very nice center which the city of Kansas City should be proud off. One of the reasons I signed up was to support the center the other was to do some fitness testing with my run - my biggest weakness in the past. I wore my little Garmin 305 and raced barefoot. Well not really barefoot, but I did wear my Vibrams. I feel my time was a little slow running in the uneven fields of Swope Park, but still good enough for 2nd in my age-group. I do not think I will be racing the the Vibrams anytime soon. 3 days later and my calf's are still killing me and I ran slower in them than my normal trail shoes. I actually thought I would be faster but I was wrong.

Pics and Garmin Connect info below:

I guess the real question is what am I really good at anymore? Do I still have the ability to succeed in cycling or triathlons? Should I put myself out to pasture and become an adventure racer. I have never been able to excel in any one sport (well, except Motocross :-)) and that is why I think I do better in triathlons than any other sport I do. I guess my results will let me know for sure or maybe I should just do what I enjoy and do not worry about it results?


Greg Lohr said...

That's cool you got your VO2 max tested.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

Where are you getting your VO2 or LT tested?

Chris Locke said...

I visited my good friend Dr. Allyn Smith of Performance Plus


markK said...

You are an expert at multi-activity experiences!
I would say that you are probably at the top, in at least the Greater KC area, in participating in the greatest variety of outdoor/indoor competitive fitness events.

That makes you the "Master" of all the other "Jack of all trades...master of nones"

I suggest you make a detailed list of all the events that you've participated in and also include promoting, motocross, and hare scrambles. For your own benefit put a number by each one from say 1-10 rating which give you the biggest Life Buzz. 1=totally sucks & 10=totally rocks. Don't compare them to each other just rate each one (they all might be 7's for example).

Then pick 3 to 5 activities/events that you would like to perform well at and build your training periodization around them. This will increase your podium opportunities in the bigger thrill events. Although, it's clearly not just about the podium for you. It's about the varied challenges and buzz.

There are people out there that train all year specializing in just one activity and still never step on a podium.

I think when it's all said and done you will see what you are "really good at"

It would nice to maybe see a blog entry with the list of all the stuff you've done.

That's my 2 cents...uhh, I mean my buck-fifty.