Friday, December 24, 2010

Great MX Memories.

After a very wet and cold ride this afternoon working on those Festive 500 miles, I spent the better half of the day cleaning the basement. Found some old news paper clippings. Man I have been doing this racing stuff way too long. I remember racing against some top guys including 2 time super cross champion Jeff Stanton. I mention him because he will be in the 2011 Supercross special on Sunday night. I can not wait until round #1 of the Supercross season to start.

Some very fond memories from these pictures. I remember having to step-up my game when I moved to the Pro/Expert class in 85. At times I could run with just about anyone. Funny thing is fitness was my weak point. I tired to put in the time, but there were so many family conflicts back then that really prevented me from reaching my potential. I always tell Christopher that he is very lucky that he has my support in anything he does. I sure wish I had the same growing up. My brothers and I did the best we could in MX and we have several state championships to prove it along with a lifetime of memories. Some great battles with these two riders. Old Glenn was a nut case and kept it pinned the entire way around the track on his Cagiva . Tom Rice was a very talented rider that came from New York and raced in Florida to stay warm I now realize :-)
I am right behind Tommy Watts in this photo. Working it hard trying to stay with Stanton. Man that guy was a work horse and could ride a steady speed all moto long.

I will throw in one bicycle pic just because I won on this day :-)

Hard to tell it's me because I was wearing a mustache - third from the left sucking some wheel back in the day racing the Great Coconut Grove Bicycle Race. I can remember getting in a three person break with two other riders who did not speak English. I think they were pros from Cuba that had defected. They had legs the size of my chest. They would try to kill you to win a messily $150.00 prize for 1st place. I good part is I showed em how it was done on that day taking the win.

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