Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CIRREM - Hell Yea!

First objective of the year is CIRREM. I am registered and will begin my GG training this weekend....

This Christmas season, give someone you love (or don't love) the gift that
keeps on giving: 62 miles of unpredictable weather, potentially horrible
road conditions & hill-after-hill-after-hill-

induced suffering. Really,
what's better than the sense of accomplishment that comes after 62 miles of
Madison County gravel, chasing after Jerome (big guys can't climb?) & some
dude from Minnesota for 4+ hours, then sitting down in a
gravel-filth-covered haze to free beer and a sandwich with some fellow
smelly, dirty, exhausted cyclists at a local dive bar? On second thought,
don't answer that...

So give the gift of the memory of one of the *(pick your adjective)* bike
experiences of the year. Your loved one will grow to love you again a few
weeks after the event. Trust me. I'm sure the secret to marital bliss lies
in learning to forgive each other's misguided gifts. And we have the
coolest hats ever, so you'll get one of those, which is nice. Coolest.
Hat. Ever.

Merry Friggin' Christmas!

*CIRREM 2011: Race it. Ride it. Love it.*

Jed & Kent
Des Moines

*CIRREM registration is up!* go here & click *"buy now"*

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