Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Ironman Rig

Only have one more month to go until my Ironman triathlon. I have been looking for a new TT bike to use. One with a 76 or 78 degree seat tube angle. I have have never raced with TT geometry. You would think that after 20 years of on/off racing traithlons that I would have acquired one. Well, you would have been wrong.

After much searching (and trying to stay within my budget of $300.00) I finally settle on an used Orbea Aletta. It has a 76 degree seat tube. Finally got all the parts off the old Assissi and transferred them over to my new TT rig. I went for a quick test ride and was really impressed. Position and comfort in the aero position was much better with the steeper seat tube. I will hit a few rides this week to dial in everything do a long ride this Saturday (125 miles if anyone is interested).

Speaking of long rides. The Cow Town 200 was yesterday. A few brave soles showed up for most of the ride including Dave Wathen and Jeff Haug. Randy meet meet us up in Dearborn for a portion of the ride. The weather was nice. We had to head south out of Smithille due to some tired riders which cut some miles off the planned 124 miles. After pulling Jeff back to E.H. Young I put in about 15 miles. Add that to my ride to the park and I ended up with 112 miles. That is the distance I need for my Ironman. I asked myself after the ride did I feel like running a marathon. Hell know was the answer. I still got some work to do this next month. One good thing is that I am down to 162 lbs (morning weight). Only two more pounds to lose to reach my goal race weight of 160.

Off to work on that swim stroke....


Mark Studnicki said...

162? Well, it's official: YOU and your Road bike together weigh less than me.

Jackie said...

u r a grown MAN of a good height ... u should NOT weigh so little!!! I'm telling pat and i'm sending u some cookies. Full of sugar and butter kind of cookies!