Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 RIM Race Report

The 9th Annual Rapture in Misery was held yesterday. New venue and host promoter for this edition. Former National Masters MTB Champion Doug Long and the Green Hills Trails Association brought together a great course and were great host to the mountain bike community. Now if they could have only kept the rain away - the 12 hour event was called at 9:00 pm due to concerns for rider safety and trail damage. I remember the first RIM 9 years ago. Back then it was a 12/24 hour event held at Snow Creek in Weston Missouri. I was racing solo and had lapped the solo field on that day (yes I used to be fast :-)) and they called the event at midnight do to storms.

I was on the fence about doing RIM this year. My plan was to race the BOLT Xterra in Nebraska, but decided to support Doug and my team since we had several teams attending. Besides, I had a podium streak going at RIM - 4 wins, 3 seconds, 1 third place and 2 Fastest Night Laps. This would be good training for my Ironman. At least this is what I told myself so I prepared for 12 hours in the saddle. Goal was to get over 100 miles of single track in at a comfortable "training" pace. Next time I need to look at the course profile before I set that goal of an easy pace and check my ego at the gate....

Crazy ass Doug had us start the race down this nasty rocky hill. I decided to chill and take it easy on the run and jog easy to my bike. I didn't want to get all mixed up with the fast guys(ie - Tige)on teams and start too fast. This plan seemed like a good idea, but I forgot about being behind a hundred plus riders riding slower than hell and what this would do to me. I just couldn't take it going so slow down the Boneyard (very rocky technical section). I began to pickup the pace and soon was passing several riders at a time. This was all good, but my heart rate got way too high especially with it being so hot. I chilled a bit and rode with Lyle and Chris Bobb of Team Red Wheel. Then I got another hair under my butt and picked up the pace. Why I don't know? I still had 11 more hours to go.....I ended finishing the first lap leading the 12 hour solo class. So much for my "take it easy" plan.

My stomach really went south on the second lap. I was o.k. on the first, but come the second hour my body started to need some nutrients and my stomach had other plans for what was occupying it. For some unknown reason, my stomach sometimes just stops digesting. I was drinking Accelerade, which usually does not cause me a problem. Maybe it was the heat, or I had it mixed too strong. Anyway, the next three laps sucked and I fell back to 3rd in my class. I kept going as hard as I could without upchucking, but it was a struggle. Before I started the 5th lap I took a little break and had some pretzels and a coke. This helped and I actually started to feel better. Hopes of chasing down the leaders and an overall podium spot were looking better. But what do I do on lap 6? I go ahead and try that damn Accelerade again. Same thing happened, I got sick again. This time I did vomit along the trail, which is never fun thing to do. However, it is a lot better than what old John Harter had to do out in the woods during the race :-)

I finished up the 7th lap in the rain. It was past 7:00pm and lights were now required. I got the bike all setup for a couple of night laps and decided to take a little break before I tried for at least another 3 laps in the night. Carolynn suggested I just call it a day and don't over extend myself leading up to the Redman next month due to my nausea. As it turned out, the decision was already made for us. Doug decided to call the race due to the rain, dangerous trail conditions and they didn't want to do any damage to the trails. I stayed in 3rd place, kept my podium record in tack and got in about 70 miles of off-road riding. So, I added another Northface product to my ever growing collection. I have mixed feeling about the awards that were given. You be the judge. And yes Jackie you can have the glass. Heck, I will give you the entire collection I have amassed over the years.

Here are some pictures that Carolynn took

Complete results from the 2009 Rapture in Misery.


Mark Studnicki said...

I made a small fortune last year Ebay'ing all that Northface stuff. I kept the cool-ass backpack that I use for commuting. Maybe next year i'll give RIM a shot, if i'm still living here.

Jackie said...

Umm, yeah, I've got dibs on the glass. Hand it over NOW!!! Oh, yeah,...good job....hope you had fun. :)