Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calling All Master Racers

We are working on the finalizing everything for the upcoming 2009 cyclocross season. One of the final details is if we should change the master's divisions up some to better reflect the....heck I don't know what it is suppose to do, but it has been mentioned by some of the local (master's I might add) promoters. All be it I have yet to get any official word or anything of such a change. We, I am tired of waiting so I decided to create a little poll to see what the masses think. They are the best ones to make the decision anyway.

Check out www.kansascitycross.com and vote (poll is in the second column under the photos...)


Jackie said...

Sweetpea, don't ever listen to the "masses." Go with your gut and let the proverbial universe take care of the rest.

And while your're at it, kill that snake of Christopher's...that's what my gut keeps telling me to tell you to do :) Luv Ya!!!

rudysarch said...

I predict if you are 55-60 you would want to keep them as they are, but if you are 60+ you be for changing them to the new.

The way to satisfy both would be to have 5 year cats in the older brackets, because it really does make a much bigger difference at those ages than it does at younger ages. Because you go downhill fast:)

So if the younger riders like masters, just for fun or a different perspective, go 30+,40+,50-54,55-59,60+. Not the answer you asked for, but it never seems to be in surveys.