Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camping, Caves and Toothless Folk.

Christopher and Carolynn wanted to go on a float trip and explore some caves down in southern Missouri. We ended up going to Noel, Missouri, which is right on the Arkansas border. There sure are some strange folks down there. I felt like I had stepped back in time a few decades and into a different country. A different breed for sure.

Sunday we loaded up in the Eagles Nest bus with a bunch of toothless folks and rowdy teenagers for an "advertised" 8 hour float trip. Christopher wanted kayaks instead of canoes. I thought it would be best to get one canoe and one kayak so if he got tired then he could rest in a canoe with me. About 3 hours into the trip Christopher sure wanted a canoe so he could just relax and not paddle. Funny how life works some times - Dad is right. I have never seen such a group of people on the old Elk river. Nor have I have seen such a large amount of beer being consumed. I am surprised that some of these drunk folks actually completed the trip.

After our little float trip we headed to Bluff Dwellers Cavern. It was sure nice getting out of the heat. It must have been close to 100 degrees. That 56 degree cave was sweet. The view in the cave is very cool. See pictures below.


Mark Studnicki said...

I did one of those river float trips a few years ago down in that area somewhere. Put it this way, most of the popular stereotypes were reinforced. They still drink beer from cans down there.

Jennifer said...

That cave looks really cool.

PS I know all about the hillbillies from down under - I've spent way too much time down there over the past few years. I only discovered this summer they extend up to the Lake of the Ozarks region as well - eek!