Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time for a Change?

Time is sure passing quickly here in Kansas City. I have been here since 1999 and it just seems like a couple of years....I've been concentrating on cycling and triathlons ever since I quit racing motocross. Lately I have had the "itch" to get another motorcycle. I said that I would never race again soon after my brother John got seriously injured (Quadriplegic - c2/c3) racing a motorcycle, but some of the things I do on a mountain and on a road bike for that reason are just as dangerous. Heck, on my commute home yesterday I almost got ran over by an irate driver that was just not happy that I was on the road....I borrowed Carolynn's brother CRF 150 and Christopher and I headed over to Perry Lake to ride. We had a lot of fun. Check out my old gear. 20 years later and it still fits :-)

Our good friends Anita and Damian lifes will be changing soon also. Anita is expecting in October. What was she thinking? That is Cyclo-cross season....this past weekend Anita had her baby shower. Some Cow Town team members were on hand along with Anita's and Damian's family. Some pics are below.

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Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

I'm digging that new hairdo that Mark is sporting in that last pic! The "CHANGE" you need is a change of scenery.... like making the move to Denver! Come on out. You won't regret it!