Monday, August 20, 2007

Rapure In Misery 07'

Well, I have survived another Rapture in Misery. Actually had a great race and put in some good lap times (5th fastest time of the day with a 50:32) for the the team. I am happy with my event and plan to take a couple of weeks off and really see what I want to do next.

We had a lot of competition in the Super Fast division. Our main competition was the DRJ Racing team from St. Louis. There team was made up of Chris Ploch, Wes Biermann and Bob Arnold. Another great team was made up of Camron Chambers (Former 24 Hour national Champion), Matt Brown, and Aaron Elwell. It was going to be a long day for sure....

Tige Lamb started off the event for the Six Rocky Mountain Oysters. As he did last year, he led from the get go. I was second up this year due to Damian's recent calve injury. I had been doing a lot training in the heat this past month and was ready to put in a fast lap. I had to go up against Ploch and Syllamo's Revenge winner Matt Brown, but I was ready for the challenge put in a very solid lap of 50:32 to keep our lead.

Recovery was going to be important today and as soon as I finished I was chilling out under our tent. I had brought a whole selection of recovery drinks and some solid food to eat throughout the day. Since it was so hot, all I could handle was some of Accelerades Endurox R4 which did an awesome job of getting me ready for the 2nd lap.

The first person back for the 3rd lap was Aarron of the Two Geared and One Weird team. He put in the fastest lap of the day with a smoken' sub 48 min lap. Damian came in several minutes later to keep us in 2nd place overall. Still a great showing for us.

As the day wore on we kept in 2nd place until the night laps came. This is when the DJR team stepped it up and slowly reeled us in. Once in 2nd place they set their eye's on the leading team of Elwell, Brown and Chambers. I was a little disappointed that we were not in 3rd, but realized that with 12/24 hour events anything could happen. Tige put in an impressive night lap and set the fastest night lap of the evening with a 52 min lap. Damian followed that up with another great night lap to keep us in contention.

As the Midnight hour approached and the top 3 teams went out for their final and 14th lap, it would come down to a little luck in who would win. Tige got a flat tire on his 5th lap and this put us a little to far down for me to close in, but I still didn't give up and went out on my 5th lap to see if I could happen upon some good luck (meaning bad luck for the other teams :-)). As it turned out the leading team got in some trouble and fell back to 2nd and let the DJR Racing team take the win. We came in 3rd place only a few minutes back - at least we got up on the podium and took home some prizes.

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