Monday, August 6, 2007

My Last Race?

Round 10 of the Midwest Fat Tire Championship series was yesterday. My good friends Damian and Anita joined Carolynn and I for the trip over to Columbia. Carolynn decided not to race so it was just Damian and I racing with Anita and Carolynn our support crew. And boy did we need support. I could have used 10 water bottles today.

The Show Me State Games round is held at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park which are some super fun trails - they are well worth the trip. We had a great turnout in the Vet 35 + class today. Heck, most of the other classes also had a good turnout. Why everyone showed up to race in this hot summer weather is beyond me.

A few guys jumped the start. Mainly because the RD counted down and at around 1 1/2 most guys took off. I basically started in 10th place and put my "Plan B" into action - race the course and conditions and try to slowly bring everyone back. This plan was working somewhat as I did start working my way up, but by the 4th lap I was about to have another episode of heat stroke so I basically just rode into the finish. Still waiting on the final results.

I am made an important decision. Taking into account my performance yesterday, and the fact that after several episodes of heat stroke my body just does not perform in the heat, I have decided that I will not be racing in the summer any more.

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