Monday, August 13, 2007

Memories of RIM.

It has finally arrived. The 7th Annual Rapture in Misery will take place this weekend. This is one of my favorite mountain bike events. I have competed in all of the past RIM's. I can still remember the first one at Snowcreek in Weston, MO.....

Seven years have gone by quickly. Back then I had just arrived in Kansas City from South Florida. I only knew one rider here - my good friend Gerard Arantowicz of Jewel Cartoons..... Back then I was on the Bicycle Adventure team and a solo freak. I signed up for the 12 version of the then 12/24 RIM (I can never understand why they changed it to a 6/12). On the first lap I got not only one flat, but two (this was before they even thought of tubeless mountain bike tires :-)). This was my 3rd 12hour event of the year, so I just decided to put in on cruise control and not worry about my placing for once and just RIDE. Well I did more than ride. I worked my way up from dead last, passing dozens of riders each lap, and soon found myself in the lead. 4 hours later I had an entire lap on the solo field and was on the same lap as the team guys....Then all hell broke lose. Severe thunderstorms, lightening and flooding.

The second year I teamed up with Gerard and David Pitt for a 3 person team (Carolynn finally talked some sense into me...). We did awesome! We won our division and kept up with the big boys for most of the night. Here is a cool video from the 2002 Rapture in Misery. The course at Snow Creek was some of the most difficult terrain I had ever ridden on a mountain bike. Looking back I really miss it and wish it would one day return.

The third year David Pitt and I competed in the Duo class and won our division. I don't remember much about that event, other than it was very painful! It is almost easier to do the event solo. With a duo team you still ride very fast laps, but you don't get enough rest to do any good...

The 4th year I was on the Bikes and Boards team and we competed in the 5 person open division. I think I chose a 5 person because of all the pain I went through in 03'. That year our team consisted of Gerard, Damian Almanza, Brian Bass, Mike Claussen and myself. We basically kick everyone's butt. I even set the fastest night lap (actually tied with Doug Long). It was an incredibly fun event for sure.

The 5th year Damian and myself teamed up for another duo suffer-fest. I guess I never learn. We did well that year and were leading by a good margin until the last couple laps. A team from St. Louis came from about 15 min back to take the lead in one lap. Bobby some how lays down the fastest lap of the day after riding for 10 hours and even does it at night. How you ask? Drugs? Super powers? Heck no, that bastard cut the course. We ended up 2nd in our division. Man was I pissed. I didn't even want to get up on the podium because I knew the other team had cheated...

Last year was the year of the Six Rocky Mountain Oysters. Tige Lamb, Damian and myself teamed up to show em' how it's done. We were the fastest team, and the only team to complete 13 laps in 12 hours. Tige set the fastest first lap, fastest overall lap and fastest night lap. I suffered the entire event with a stomach virus. I didn't let on too much because I didn't want it to affect the team. It was very hard on me to ride hard being so sick.

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