Friday, June 29, 2007

Pictures from the Katy.

Here are some pics of our trip. We had a great time crossing the state of Missouri via the Katy Trail. Christopher rode 252 miles total for the 5 day journey - not bad for an 11 year old.

Our first stop was Winsor. They had a train with a huge American flag on it.
Christopher in route along the Katy.

We stopped to check out this cave outside of Columbia. Christopher was scared and only ventured in about 10 feet then came running out like a little girl :-)

One good thing about hot days is all the girls zip down their shirts . Photo opts abound.
The second day was a 66 miler. About 10 miles from the end Christopher was getting a little light heading and ended up crashing into us on the tandem. His bike was sucked into the rear wheel while he rolled not so gently along the Katy. Luckily there was little damage to either him or his bike.
One the third day there was a this nice lookout point along the bluff. Only problem was you had to hike up 10,000 steps to get to it....
All along the Katy the Parks Department had this demos. At this one was some cool beaver and coon skins.
Outside of Herman there was this little restaurant that we ate at. The owner had this cool model T Ford. Christopher was lucky enough to get a ride in it.
Every night we had to setup camp. Some places were worse than others. On the final night we stayed outside this church. Once the hour struck and the church bell started ringing we knew we were in trouble. I think I average about 3 hours each night - 20 min at at time.....
This is what we did about 1/2 the time. I've never seen two people go to the bathroom as much as Carolynn and Christopher.

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Jeff Yielding said...

That photo of you all on top of the bluff, was that bluffton? If so you were in my neck of the woods (Hermann)

Took my MTB bike up there one day, hard as heck climb! Ride down was fun, good to disc brakes.

Good job on the ride!