Saturday, November 19, 2011

XCX Cross Country Extreme Run

One of my focuses this off-season is my running. I really enjoy running off-road especially and have always wanted to to the XCX - Cross Country Extreme run, but either cross or MTB season prevented that. This fall it is all about fun times so off Carolynn and I went to Truck Stop Missouri and the spectacle known as a Deranged Cross Country Run.

A very fun 4 mile obstacle course run awaited us. It was more of a party than a competitive run. I dressed as a Cow using Christopher's old Halloween costume. It fit well, but I was not ready for all the comments from the fellow runners. I had two ladies offer to "milk my utters" to get a drink. One drunken team of dalmatians offered to "suck me dry" I quickly got the heck out of the muddy creek crossing at the time and proceeded to complete the run.

The obstacles included a rope ladder that took what seemed like forever to get through. Some of the ladies in costumes could hardly make it over and after several minutes of trying were exhausted. Other obstacles included mud pits, numerous muddy creek crossings, chain link fences, balancing beams, large bales of hay and rope climbs. I got tired of waiting in line at the obstacles so I took the "no aid" route and used roots and such to make it up the muddy walls. Fun times for sure.

Below are some pictures that Carolynn and I took. I hope you enjoy em'....

XCX Cross Country Xtreme Run

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