Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pay It Forward

Update 11/10/11

This weekend I got a chance to work around the house and catch up on some projects. One such project was to clean my attic and basement. I found a lot of bike stuff that I no longer use. Some old, some only used a couple of times. I thought about selling on CL, but decided it would be better to Pay it Forward. All items are free.

Brett is taking one set...1 set of 26 x 1.7 Kenda Kwick tires. Nearly new. I think I used them in one cross race a few years ago on my old MTB. If you only have a MTB w/26" tires and need a narrower tire this is for you. Also have 1 set of 26 x 1.5 tires that would also work. Great for gravel grinding and CX.

1 Sun-Ringle' front wheel. 0-XC rim. Good shape and true. Rim brake only. I have the rear wheel somewhere. Still looking.

1 29er White Brothers CX-1 fork. V-brake only.

1 Cloud Nine rear shock. Lightest shock I have ever seen. Which it would fit my Giant, but it doesn't. Maybe it will fit your bike?

All have found a new home...6 sets of cyclocross tires. 700 x 35. Plenty of life left in the tread. These would be great for both cyclocross and gravel grinders.

One set left....4 sets of 26 x 2.0/2.1 mountain bike tires. One of the Ritchey's are brand new and the other only rode in one event. Two of the sets are Maxxis tires.

Gone...1 set Tufo road tires 700 x 23.

1 Salsa road bar. Used once. 38 cm wide.

Both have found a new home....2 women's specific saddles. A nearly new Serfas and older Terry

3 are left....6 stems. All 1" quill style.

I believe both have been spoken for...2 wheel sets. Both 26" with rim brakes.

More to come.


Burnsey said...

Sweet Chris! Hook me up with a set of those cyclocross maxxis tires and I'll show my ugly mug at a race this Fall/Winter!

Burnsey said...
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Rasta Rider said...
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Rasta Rider said...

hey guru! can I get hooked up on a pair of those 26" wheels and some rubber for them? :) see you soon!

Chris Locke said...

Anything for a one legged cyclist.

I still remember racing a 24 hour MTB race many years ago. About 20 hours in I was dead to the world walking up this steep muddy climb and here comes this one legged rider hopping up the same hill as I. I was being passed by a one legged man. That image motivates me everything I am about to quit something.

Rasta Rider said...

gracias! e-mail me about meet-up. i'm right across the street from you quite a bit in Katz hall.

Rasta Rider said...

if you still got those 26" gravel tires throw them in my package :)