Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Cross

This weekend was was a double header for me (triple if you count Sunday's post race swim) Saturday wast 3 hours of gravel fun at Tim's Gardner Wind Howler. Sunday was 30 minutes of cyclocross pain. Two very different disciplines for sure and one might ask why I would do both. I am still asking myself that very same thing as I post up some pictures that Carolynn took. Not much racing going on for me. More like riding around.

Roger used a new venue for this years addition of his Veterans Cross. I wish he could have used University of Saint Mary because that is the best venue in our area for a cyclocross race and it is in his back yard. The V.A. Park was one hilly ass bastard. When I look at this park I see an great location for a motocross course. Some big hills out there for sure. I could have used a triple myself and I felt pity for the single speeder later in the day. Hopefully they brought some smaller gearing.

I lined up with the Master's today. The start was the last the last I saw of many of them. I think I got second to last in my group today. Good to see some old friends that I have not seen in awhile. Plus, I am happy that my shoulder is just about 100 % healed. I can ride with no pain and my confidence is coming back. You would not have noticed that today because I did not take any chances on the course. Plenty of pot holes, branches and nuts out there in the corners and I was just not going to risk anything.

Like I mentioned before the course was very hilly and painful especially when you have done no LT training. I am working on my schedule and training plan for next season. Still unsure if cross will be apart of it next year. I do know that if it is that I need to focus training for these short hard efforts. There are plenty of CX specialist out there and you really can not compete against them if you do not focus your training. For this year I will continue to use cross as just "time on the bike" and see if I even enjoy the sport anymore. I have a great time riding/racing my mountain bike and going on fun gravel grinders. Cross not some much anymore but why. I do know that it is not fun for me if I can not be competitive.

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