Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God's Country Report

The 8th Annual God's Country is in the record books. It was nice to see some old friends and see so many first timers out enjoying themselves. The best one was the two crazy guys on unicycles. Yes it is the "Year of the Unicycle".

Thank you to everyone who helped out. There were so many people who stepped up and lending their support to make this event a success. Thank you to everyone on Cow Town Cycling who helped out. You guys were great. Thanks to the LMBC and the Mountain Bike Patrol for keeping us safe and providing some sweet trails. Thanks to all the volunteers that were there when we needed you most including Studnicki and the whole Brocket clain.

Results are up: God's Country Results

Here are some pictures from the day. Many more sets including some very cool ones from Eclectic Arts Images.

Grant Redwine has some photos up:


Carolynn's pics below:

Gods Country

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Lynn Lamb said...

Way to Go Tige, You make me a proud father.