Sunday, April 4, 2010

God's Country Course Maps

Happy Easter!

The family headed over to Lawrence for the day to ride the always fun Lawrence River Trails. The trails were in near perfect shape. And what a great day to ride.

Carolynn and Christopher rode together while I worked on marking the areas for Art to mow and finally got some good maps via my Garmin 305. For some reason my Edge 305 is not working so well (I need help Tom or John). The old Forerunner 305 worked like a charm today. Lots of riders out enjoying the day including my teammate Tige. I tried to ride with him as he did a quick 3 laps but the Micky D's that we ate in the morning had other ideas.

Here are the course maps via Garmin Connect for the God's Country Off-Road Duathlon and the new map of the Lawrence River Trails :

Lawrence River Trails print
Lawrence River Trails by goshawk_girl
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Run Leg #1:

Bike Leg:

Run Leg #2:

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