Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Race

The big weekend has arrived. It is time to hit those wicked fast Smithville Lake MTB trails. Time for some Bone Bender fun in Paradise.

Awards are in. Thanks to John Williams from Pot Pie for making them. I just wish I was racing so I could have a chance to win one.

The final course is 11.5 miles in length. Lap times should be between 55 min and 1:15 min. I am sure there are few guys that can get close to 50 min laps but the most will be in the above range. To view the course go to Bone Bender Course.

We had a good response to pre-registration. I think they wanted one of those nice t-shirts that Rich Bowman designed. 122 have signed up so far. Not very many locals have signed up (maybe they are waiting to register on race day), but a surprising amount of out-of-town riders have. That is very cool. Race day registration opens opens at 0700 and closes at 0930.

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Bruce Brown said...

Chris - great race and great job on everything this year with the Bone Bender!!!

I drove down from Des Moines and about 30 minutes after leaving realized I had left my shoes in the garage. After going back to get them I rolled in at 9:50 (driving about 86 - 90 mph the entire way!!!).

Luckily I had pre-registered, so I quickly got the # plate on and joined the masses for the running start. Dang - I forgot to pick up my bag of goodies after the race (with the T-shirt). Oh well..

Anyway, good weather shined upon you and everyone I talked to was raving about the course and the event. It was a blast.

Hats off to you!.