Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ouachita Challenge Here I Come v3

Carolynn and I are headed down to Oden, Arkansas this weekend for a little get away named the Ouachita Challenge (OC). The OC has become a tradition for us and Cow Town. Several riders from the team are joining us including Gerard Arantowicz, John Wagner, Mike Classen and Keith Baker.

Form is solid when it comes to the distance (60 miles), but I am lacking some high end. My only real goal is to have some fun and enjoy the trails down in Arkansas. If my legs are well rested I know I will be good for the final 20 miles. The course Speaking of the trails, Jeff Kerkove is down already doing some pre-riding and I forgot how technical some of the trails are. He posted a little clip on his site. Hopefully I will remember how to ride the stuff because it has been several months since I have ridden any technical trails.

This year I am going with a tried and true race diet. Last year I bonked really bad, but this year I plan to eat my ass off, especially for my morning breakfast. I can still feel the hungry pains from last year when all I had was "special" drink and nothing else prior to the start. ProLong will be in my water bottles. I have had some good results with it during this winter including both the Chucky's Challenge and CIRREM. The one thing that is not tried and true is my new rig for the ride. I have only hit the River Trails once to break her in. I was unsure if I should use my Giant Anthem or the Vassago. After testing both side-by-side earlier this week, I decided to go withe the big V mainly due to it fits me very well. Hopefully I will get a new Giant later this year. Maybe their new F/S 29er that is coming out.

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