Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Sweet Ride

Finally! Dry trails. Heading out to Lawrence with high hopes that the River Trails would be dry enough to ride (Thank you Jeff for the trail report). They were not only dry enough they were in the best shape I have ever seen them. I really liked the new section in the back. Very nice indeed.

It has at been a long time since our local trails were dry enough to ride and I needed get in at least one good ride on my new rig before next weekends Ouachita Challenge. Well, I got that and more. Riding today was pure joy. It was like being a kid again with unlimited energy. Clipped off 5 laps like it was nothing.

The Bandersnatch is complete and she is One Sweet Ride! She is build with a combo XTR/XT groupo, Sun Ringle' 29er wheelset, Kenda Small Block 8's (tubeless), Manitou 29er fork, Ritchey Logic stem, bar, headset, seat and seatpost, Haynes Stroker Trail brakes, and Crank Brothers pedals. Thank you all so much for your support and product donations.

How does the "snatch" ride? Incredible. She fits me like a glove and does everything I asked her to do. The Wet Cat geometry rocks. A totally balanced ride. I was amazed at how well she cornered and I can not wait to test her out down in Arkansas next weekend. The Stroker Trail brakes were great out of the box. The Manitou fork was silky smooth. The XTR/XT group was like "butter". Of course, that could have been the awesome build job I completed.

On one of the laps I shot the below video. I was riding with one hand so take it for what it is. Maybe a waste of 4 min and 49 seconds....

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