Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life Getting in the Way.

Well I did it again. What, you ask? I did not listen to my body nor did I notice the signs of some serious over training. I pushed myself too hard. But how could I be over training? I am basically only riding on the weekends and getting in a few workouts during the week and a commute or two.

But the signs are there. Can they be lying? Am I just getting old? The sign that is most telling for me is total lack of motivation to go swim/ride/run. When you have to make yourself go ride it is a sign for sure. Of course, it took me over three weeks of making myself workout to realize that I am over trained.

My training volume/intensity is low, but one must not forget real life can get in the way of training. Those 10 - 12 hour days at work start to add up. The stress of those special projects and technical issues creep into your body until it is too late. The normal duties of a husband/father. And why in the hell am I still promoting events? Preparation for God's Country and Bone Bender have also done me in.

Something has to give. Either I quit work, stop promoting, resign as president of Cow Town, stop hosting rides, stop traveling to events, retire from racing or get a divorce.


Mark Studnicki said...

Didn't you go throught this last year? Trying to race AND promote at the same time, AND work on top of both?

Chris Locke said...

Yes I did. Did not learn that time either. Sometimes you just have to beat things into some folk.

The one thing I did learn is not to race and promote on the same day. This is something that I will not do. I do not plan on racing GC or the BB36, just plan on promoting that day.

Zoolander said...

Far out man. Some of us are far too lazy to even think about that much stuff going on. Have a beer, its St. Pats tomorrow.