Friday, February 12, 2010

Traction Needed

After getting stuck in the mud on Wednesday night at Swope park, I have decided to get a Traction Mat. Still cannot believe I got stuck in the parking lot. A big "Thank You" to JP Brocket and John Williams for helping push my ole truck out. It is a good thing I did not have to make a quick get away from the Locals. I would have been in deep trouble.

While I was out looking for a product to help my little old grey Ranger get out of slick spots, I found this cool product. It says it works on bicycle tires. I wonder if it is legal with the UCI? Hopefully it will arrive today. Looks like I might be able to use it on my Sunday morning MTB ride.

Sunday's MTB Ride
Landahl Park / Argo trail head
Blue Springs, MO

I will be rolling out at 0800 for several hours of single track fun if anyone is interested. Running either before or after (or both) my ride for anyone training for the Fat Tire Duathlon events.

Don't forget Saturday's Mullet Ride....

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