Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chucky's Challenge

The 3rd Annual Chucky's Challenge was our Gravel Grinder for the day. Held annual in the Amish town of Jamesport, Missouri. Jamesport is famous for pies, an Amish community, horse drawn buggies and selling guns upstairs at the local tavern. After the ride I checked out the collection and it was nice. I will have to return soon to purchase one for Christopher. He is really getting into guns. But I digress...

This years CC featured a 57 mile course held mainly on snow packed gravel rounds. Most of the course was on rolling terrain with only a few hard climbs. Just as Doug Long advertised, the course was flat and fast. That was if you could handle the snow and icy road conditions. Luckily for me I could :-)

A record setting turnout this year despite the recent snow we received. Around 24 riders ventured to Jamesport for this years edition. That is really cool considering the condition. These Gravel Grinders are really getting popular and can see them growing in the coming years. They are fun, newbie friendly and gets you outside riding during the winter. I for one can not stand riding a trainer or a set of rollers.

I really enjoyed the route today. Some sections were icy and for what ever reason, I have been enjoying riding on the icy stuff as of late. On some flat sections by the river, where the snow had either been blown away or the roads plowed, it got a little muddy. I had fenders on the ole' Jake the Snake which caused some tire clearance problems when the mud started to build up on my tires. I soon found that it was best to ride in what ever snow was still left in this area which really helped. Soon I was rolling alone as before enjoying a nice winter ride with some great like minded riders like myself. Along the route we encountered a few of Amish hard at work. Check out the steel wheels on their rig. Man those guys are hard core. Just like everyone who cam out to this years Chucky's Challenge. Everyone who finished today deserves a nice cold beer like I got to enjoy after the ride.

Here are the rest of the pictures from today. Chucky's Challenge Pictures.

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