Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smithville Cyclocross Course Workday #1

I spent the better part of the day out working on the course for next weekends Smithville Cyclocross Festival. It was Me, Myself and I out working so I did not get everything done that needed to be done. I will have to visit the course a few more times.

The course for round #3 of the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series presented by Paceline Products will be a nice one for sure. There will be several changes from last year, which are all for the better.

I am planning on racing tomorrows Boulevard Cup. That is if I can move tomorrow morning. The swing blade and ax kicked my butt today. I still tons of work to do including fixing a flat tire that I got today while checking out the Smithville single track. I had to bail on the course work because there was a wedding going on down by the lake. I could just hear the people that were setting up saying "I hope he stops riding before the wedding starts..." The parts of the trail I rode were dry. I guess I went a little too fast and pinched a tube. I wish I would have brought my MTB bike....

All this hard work over the last couple of weeks really makes you think why. Why am I out here busting my butt? Shouldn't I be enjoying myself riding/racing or spending more time with the family? Does anyone really appreciate all the sacrifices that it takes to put on events like this? It makes you think......I still wonder how I got myself into this gig.

Here are some photos of the work completed. The first two are before and after photos.


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