Monday, October 12, 2009

Chris Cross Race Report

I knew I was in trouble when Rich and I went out to design a new course for this years Chris Cross. Rich must like hills because he wanted to add a few to make the course harder. Well he got his wish.

Friday and Saturday were mostly spent helping Rich and getting ready for Sunday's Chris Cross Cyclocross. I was very tired going into Sunday from all work/stress of promoting, but I knew that going in so I can't complain to anyone but myself. I was hoping for some good legs and a podium spot. With any luck I could gain some points on Songer and move into the points lead for the De Stad series.

Sunday morning went very smooth. We had the course almost entirely ready to go on Saturday so we only had about 2 hours of set-up left. Heather had registration under control, Roger kept us warm with his heaters and the Cow Town crew was out in force putting the final touches on the course. All we had to do was wait for everyone to show up and race. I was a little concerned that the cold weather would discourage some riders from showing up. I think it did hurt our turnout some, but we still got over 200 entries.

Carolynn and Christopher lined up for their Noon race. Carolynn thinks the the cyclocross gods do not want her to race. Her first race she about died of heat exhaustion and today she is freezing to death. Christopher likes the cold and had no issues and looked like he enjoyed the course. I guess he likes to climb. Is he related to me? Both did very well in their races. Carolynn is improving with every ride on her cross bike. I think I even see a smile on her face.

My race was o.k. but I did not have my climbing legs on. I'm still not fully recovered and I did the best I could on this day. I railed the corners and downhills which is the only reason I was able to manage a 3rd place podium spot. We will have to see how the points stack up after this weekend. I think I should be in a tie for the lead with Theodore Fleming who took second on the day. Garet, who is 1/2 our age checked out on both of us early on. Results at

Rich Anderson did an awesome job with his first (and possibly last?) event. He got a ton of support from his friends and team Cow Town Cycling, but without all his hard work this event would not have happened. I think he already knew how much work goes into events, but now he knows first hand :-)

Cross Guru took some photos, but he forgot to bring the camera today do download the photos. So check back tomorrow for some cool photos. Check out for some great photos by Roger and Lyle.

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