Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boulevard Cup and Cross Courses.

As I got out of bed Sunday morning I knew I was in trouble for today race. My entire body was aching and at first I did not know why. I soon remembered all the work yesterday up up at Smithville and those torture devices know as a double edge weed blades and axes. I wish I would have had a Scythe. Those things are cool and are much more effective. I got my weed eater and chain saw working so Thursday's work day will go much better. Plus Dave is bringing is mower so we can mow the course. Right Dave?

Sunday morning was spent, dialing into the switch at work to do some maintenance, working in the garage, preparing some race supplies for the Smithville Cyclocross Festival (sign up here) and fixing Christopher's and Carolynn's mountain bikes so they could go for a MTB ride up at Smithville. I wanted to go with them, but was heading over to the Boulevard Cup cyclocross race. Thank you again Mike for the entry and a fun event. I wish I had the legs to earn that free beer, but it was not to be.

Not much to say about my race today other than I basically sucked. During my recon laps of the course I tried to get a good warm-up, but the desire to race hard and maybe visit the old House of Pain was not there. Heck, I did not even knock on the door. While I was out riding and everyone else was racing I was thinking "What the heck am I doing here". I still had fun and got in a good workout. Enjoyed the post race food and chatted with some friends. That is what cross should be about anyways. Results are nice, but not everything.

Some of Lyle's pics below. The rest HERE.

After the race Roger Harrison and I headed over to Riverside so I could show him what course the Cross Guru has in mind. I got a sneak preview on Friday when I went riding with the old guy. The Cross Guru has decided to add in a couple of longer running sections for this weekends Smithville Cyclocross Festival and the Vet Cross (aka Riverside Cycloross Festival). He is a little tired of all these short little run sections. Traditionally cross has more running because course conditions like mud require it. But with these fast dry courses that we have now, the run sections are short with just a barrier section and maybe a run-up. I for one am glad for this. Now if we could only add a swim portion I would be golden. Work on those shoulder carries this week :-)

Check out the Smithville course here: http://kansascitycross.blogspot.com/

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joey said...

Brother you sure have some legs, I'm racing this weekend, the dead dog run, up in al.