Friday, February 13, 2009

No Race Across the Sky

Well, it looks like I will not be suffering in Colorado this summer with the Single Speed Pirate. The rejection letter arrived yesterday in the mail. I was really looking forward to heading out to Colorado this summer.

I needed to get going quickly as I was meeting Randy (and hopefully some other guys) up in Smithville for a night gravel road ride, so I did not really digest the letter much. On the way up I thought about the letter more and what other events I wanted to do this year. Maybe this was life telling me that I am to climber :-)

It ended up being just Randy and I for our little night gravel road adventure. I did not get a real good look at the map Randy had sent, but it looked like more road than gravel. Well, I was wrong. Plenty of gravel and due to the recent weather and some fresh gravel it was hard going in places. I got to thinking about the letter I had received during the ride. For what ever reason, hills seem to always come associated with gravel roads. On one of those long energy sapping climbs, as I tried to carry my 180 lb body at the same pace as Randy's skinny 150 lb ass, I decided that I was indeed not a climber.

Randy's "4 County Gravel Road Grinder" was very fun. And yes we did hit 4 county's during our 35 mile ride. It took us 2 hours, 20 min to complete the ride. But with all the hills, the soft conditions and only stopping a few times to "find our way", I think that was a good pace. The route got me thinking about hosting a gravel road race next year. Very little traffic, in fact, I think we got passed by only one car during the entire ride.


Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

I got the same letter. Bummer. What now?

Chris Locke said...

I will either be doing the BOLT Xterra race up in Branch Oak, NE or the Rature in Misery 12 hour.