Friday, February 20, 2009

Devil's Revenge Recon


Here is the course map from Saturday's recon. Mark, Jeff, Gerard and Keith got in a good ride out to the course. Mark and I mapped the run course while everyone else played around on the skills course. I thought about adding the run course in for the MTB only option event, but after riding it I decided not to. Some very technical stuff back on that loop and Beginners and some Sport level riders would have some trouble....After mapping out the bike section, Mark and I took the White trail back to truck. We had to bail to the road the last two miles because it was getting muddy. After 3+ hours of riding with Mark I was toast.

Racing season is here. Where the hell did the off-season go??? Froze Toes Road Race is on Sunday. I can not go to that one due to work on Saturday night. Spring Fling's start up the following week, then it is time for for off-road fun. The Devil's Revenge is on March 7th.

If you want to check out the course we are heading out tomorrow to Clinton Lake for a couple hours of riding. While we are out I plan to map the run and bike legs of the course. I will update this post with the map on Sunday night. We are looking to add some more single track in.

For you guys/gals that like to ride off-road, but not so much run, there will be a bike only option at the Devil's Revenge. Working out all the details now.

Devil's Revenge Recon Ride
Saturday, February 21th, 2009
9:00am start time at the Corpse of Engineers trailhead

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ScottyD said...

If I would have done a run or two like I had planned I'd be there, but alas no time means no running. Can't wait till Bone Bender!