Saturday, October 25, 2008

Smithville Cyclocross Festival Day 1 Report

Man I have to stop starting so fast. It is going to kill me one day...... Got another hole shot today. I think that makes every cyclocross race this year I have either got the start or lead during the first lap. We need to start adding a hole shot award or something. I know I can win that for sure.

Felt good for nearly the whole first lap leading then I decided I need to take it easy to conserve some energy. I was already tired from setting up the course/event for the past two days and did not want to blow up. I backed it down about 15% which was not a good idea. I was soon getting passed and fell back about 5 spots. When I tried to pick up the pace to keep up with my teammates Rich Anderson and Mark Cole, my legs said "are you kidding me??" I tried my best to keep a steady effort and motivate myself to try and bridge back up. I know I have the speed to do it, but not today. Lesson learned - Once you got it up, keep it up.

I slowly fell back to 4th in the Single Speed class. On the last lap I made one last effort to catch back up to 3rd in my class. Even tried to get old Doug Stone to help me bridge up. But he was also tired from helping to set up the course. Pounding stakes does that to you :-) I will take the 4th place points and try again for the podium tomorrow. The course will be super fast and packed down nicely.

Christopher had a bad day today. He was not feeling like his normal cheerful self. He felt very sleepy and his legs just working. He basically just rode around today and finished up in second place. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow. It was nice seeing a good turnout of junior riders. Especially two new junior girls.

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