Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chris Cross Race Report

That was fun. I always enjoy the Chris Cross course and this one was the best yet. And it is not just because I designed it :-)

Another great turnout for the De Stad series. 199 entries for today. I hope to see 300 entries on a normal basis in two years. If we continue to put on good races it will happen.

As for my race, I got the start and lead SKC Racing's Andrew Coe (Andrew also won the Men's 3/4 today - he is fast) for the first lap. I looked back about 1/2 through the 2nd lap and noticed we had a nice gap on 3rd. I really wanted to win today, but knew I was at my limit and if I tried to keep up with Andrew I would blow up and on this course that could cost you a lot of time. The top riders from the Cat 4 race were slowly reeling me in (Single Speeds were started first). With 2 laps to go Mark Cole got by and I stayed with him. I was still in 2nd in the Single Speed division so I was not to concerned about Paul Webb and Doug Stone closing in on me during the last lap. I was done with a 1/2 lap to go and just put her on cruise control knowing that I had 2nd locked up.

I think I found out I do better with 2 days rest before an event (if you call working your arse off promoting a race and setting up a course all day Saturday rest). For the rest of the cross season I am only going to train 4 days a week and rest for 3. With age, I seem to need more rest with the stress of racing and work.


ScottyD said...

Chris kudos again on anther great course. Your really going to have to step up your game to keep making each course better than the last. Great job to you & your crew, thanks again for another great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Chris, what do you attribute your attendance figures to? Do you think we can expect some of that here in STL? Congrats on racing well and putting together the racing well

thx, Rudy