Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tour of Missouri

Updated with Pics....

The 2nd Annual Tour of Missouri has finally arrived. A lot of the teams are staying in hotels around KCI in the Northland. We have been seeing their team cars all week long. Today Carolynn saw one of BMC riders in the local Wal-Mart. He was with Trudie and they were looking for something in the health section. Carolynn was being a smart @#$ and said that he may have gotten a little saddle sore from riding in all the rain we've had. She almost recommended that he pick up some Boudreaux's Butt Paste if that was the problem.

I rode over to Joe Fox's Cycle City store this morning for a little ride with the Health Net Pro Cycling Team. Being a Cannondale dealer has it privileges...For most of the ride I rode behind last year's National Cyclocross champion Tim Johnson and his teammates. We headed North along the our normal route that brings us to the very popular Interurban road. The Health Net boys only wanted to ride for a little over an hour so we turned around just short of the water tower. One the return trip I peeled off from the ride to complete my interval routine that Studnicki has layed out for me. Got in a good 2 hour ride including a very hard interval session. Mark you would have been proud of me.

Day 1 of the TOM started with some heavy rains and some cool weather. As Carolynn and I headed up to St. Joseph for the start the rain started to clear out. It turned out to be a great day to race with the cool weather. With lower crowds in St. Joseph we were able to get really close to all of the riders. Carolynn even got to take her picture with 3 time TT Champion David Zabriskie and Johnathan Vaughters. Below is our slide show of the start, the first sprint in Platte City and then the finishing circuit in Kansas City.

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