Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hermann Cross Under the Lights

First race of the season is finished. Glad to get this one behind me. Not a good result for me at all. Just did not have the legs nor did I have the mental focus to suffer for 30 min....

Start went really well for me. I was happy to get the jump on the other 55 riders. I opened up a little gap on the field and was really putting the hammer down. I had one other guy with me as we hit the sand pit. We both got through the 100 yard mud pit running well. As we hit the road section I tried to stay on his wheel, but was at my limit. I backed it down some knowing that I had gone out too hard for my present fitness level. I soon found myself getting passed and finished the first lap in around 5th. I had a rough 2nd lap and fell way back in the field. It was very depressing and I had a hard time regaining focus (and desire) to get the old heart rate back up. The 4th and 5th laps were better for me has I started to bring some guys back. Got by my teammate Rich Anderson in the "stinking" mud pit and actually worked my way back up into the top 20. Last lap I fell apart, mainly from lack of focus, and ended up in 24th with most of the riders that I had just passed the previous two laps getting back by. I will take this result and try and build on it next race - Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross Challenge.

Jeff and his crew did a great job. Live music was nice. Course set-up was first class and was very well marked. Most of the course flowed well except for those really tight turns by the wheel pit. Chip timing was very cool and we got quick results. Only negative would be the stinking 100 yard long mud pit. I love muddy races, but not when the mud stinks from flooding and what smelled like fecal matter.

Here some pics:

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