Sunday, September 28, 2008

Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross Challenge Race Report

Today was round #1 of the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas series which I am promoting. Earlier in the year I asked Tige Lamb if he wanted to help promote and that we could use it as a fundraiser for the Diamond Blackfan Anemia foundation (Tige's daughter has DBA). Hence the name of our first event. The event was a huge success with 223 race entries on the day. I think that is a record in our area for a cyclocross race (except for Nationals of course).

The team really came out to help at this event! We set-up most of the course on Saturday and then got to the race site at 0530 to complete everything. It was very hard, but we got her built and the event went smoothly for the most part. Some scoring issues due to some lappers and slow protest periods. We will definitely work on this for the next round - Chris Cross.

Christopher returned to racing his bicycle today. After taking the summer off to become an expert at Halo, he decided he would come out of an early retirement to defend his Junior championship from last year. He did great today and had some good competition from a junior from the Bike Shack team. He lead for most of the first lap until a dropped chain over the barriers cost him too much time to make up. I was very proud that he did not give up. He finished in 2nd place and brought home the silver medal.

As I said before, I am running the Single Speed class in the De Stad series. We had a great turnout in the class with 16 riders. I almost changed my goal before the race of getting on the podium with the likes of Brad Sullivan and Graham Aldredge on the line, but decided despite being exhausted that I could still get up there if I really tried.

I got a call-up for being last years Single Speed Champion and this helped with my start has I settled into 2nd place with a good position leading up to Tige's Tantrum. The guy in front could not hold his speed through the section and I soon found myself in the lead. We started to catch the Men's Cat 4's after about a 1/4 lap and this cause me to lose one place to Brad Sullivan. I stayed on Sullivan's wheel for the first lap, but he was finding his way through the 60+ rider Cat 4 field a little quicker than I . I was feeling really good for most of the race. About 1/2 way Aldridge got by but I kept him in sight and at one point passed him back for 2nd, but he has youth on his side (I am more that twice his age) and did not have to pound 1,000 stakes :-) Both Sullivan and Aldridge are very strong riders so I was happy to be in 3rd.

In the end I held on to 3rd place and made it on the podium . Even won a pair of cool Tifosi glasses and foot booties for the effort. Is a promoter allowed to win awards? I might have to do some re-gifting at the next round.


Jackie said...

Wow Chris, you're becoming a pro at organizing this stuff. And tell Christopher to keep up the good work. Stuff like this will look good on college applications ;) Also, how is your shoulder? Pat mentioned something about it, but you know her... TTFN - jml

Chris Locke said...

Just a small fracture. It is mostly healed, but I do have a large calcium deposit that is causing me a lot of pain. That is one reason I have had trouble dismounting and carrying my bike. Will have to wait until after cyclocross season to look at it because I can not afford any down time.

Jackie said...

UR pretty hard core....or is it hard headed? Hope you feel better soon. Keep on keepin' on.

Mark Studnicki said...

good job. I should have raced the single-speed class yesterday. After the first 15 minutes, I only had one speed anyway. I really don't like doing the "first lap hero/last lap zero" thing but that's what happened. I feel more ill today than tired. Kristine said she feels a little sick and a few people at her work were sick on Friday. Niiiiiice!

ScottyD said...

Chris I'm more impressed every race you put on is better than the last. Your going to have to work hard to top this course. Best you've laid out yet. Damn hard & really fun! Keep up the good work. I'm glad I skipped the SSCX since the heat was a killer for the 1-2's.

Lanternerouge said...

Chris you really do set up good races, they get better each time, you are legend in your own mind or should I say everyone's.