Thursday, August 21, 2008

VO2 Max Testing

Dave Wathen and I headed to Performance Plus Rehabilitation Center last night to get a current fitness assessment before we begin our serious training for cyclocross. My friend Dr. Allyn Smith was kind enough make us both suffer to the point that I questioned why I do this..

The last time my VO2 Max was tested was about 6 years ago when I volunteered my body for a scientific experiment at University of Kansas . I guess I forgot how much fun (not) this testing was. At least this time I did not have to have a muscle biopsy. That was painful.

I got some good data last night and will use it along with my training plan from my new coach Mark Studnicki. It is time to get serious about cross!

Here is Dave having some fun:


Mark Studnicki said...

I hope that usefull data included your Anaerobic Threshold! That's a nice number for me to know so I can prepare your HR workouts and run you right to the edge of complete misery. Wouldn't want anything left in tank, or have you pass out and fall over with 15 minutes to go :-)

Chris Locke said...

AT is 171. Hopefully I will not pass out during Friday's interval workout....