Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rapture in Misery

The Rapture in Misery 6/12 hour mountain bike race is this weekend. I have participated in every RIM since it was held back in Weston at Snow Creek. Back then I raced for the Bicycle Adventure team. David Pitt, Gerard and myself won the 3 person division. In the photo to the right David and I are at the awards ceremony. Where was Gerard? Sleeping.....

I was not planning on participating this year, but decided to race in the 12 hour Coed class with Gerard and a yet unnamed women. Jenny was planning on being on our team, but a yet unhealed shoulder injury will keep her off our team. Carolynn was going to fill in for her, but after last night's ride at the River Trails where she crashed into a tree (breaking my $400.00 light in the process) she has decided that night riding is just not her thing.

Any women mountain bike racers out there? If you are interested let me know. I will even pick up the entry free and also offer free food :-)

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Josh said...


I've got some spare light sets. Let me know if you'll be needing them.

See you there!