Monday, August 25, 2008

Bruce Springsteen Rocks!

Carolynn and I attended the Kansas City stop of The Magic tour at the new Sprint Center last night. What a show Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band puts on. Over 3 hours of kick ass rock 'n' roll. And I thought Leroy from the Shatto Milk Company worked hard. I was tired after 3 hours of listening. Now I know how some musicians are so thin - nightly marathon sessions of singing and dancing.

It was funny to see all the different types of folks and ages. There were young kids with their parents all the way up to fans in their 70's+. You had some fans like me who mostly sat their enjoying the show. Then you have the fans drunk off their ass's dancing and singing along. Some can't last the entire show as the guy 3 seats down from us passed out after about 12 large beers and missed the last hour of the show.

One cool thing about Bruce is he interacts with the fans so well. He had us singing along all night long. The folks on the front row really got to interact as a couple of times he actually laid out on top of them as they supported him with their arms. Here is Timothy Finn's review.

One of my favorite songs from the Boss:

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