Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am the Champion!

I finally did it. After 5 years of trying, I won the KC Commuter Challenge.

Here are the final RESULTS. I logged 329 total miles for the 5 day period. What did I win besides the envy of the 395 other commuters in the challenge? The cool messenger bag pictured above. What else would a commuter want? I for one wanted the bike they were giving away, but some other lucky bastard won that....


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Way to go Champ! Everyone else is breathing a little easier now thanks to your efforts! :-p
Seriously though, at your age, that's no small accomplishment!

Mark Studnicki said...

Of course I missed the entire bike-to-work week while I was on holiday, I have rode to work and back 17 times so far this year. Here's something scary. During my Italy trip, I burned though 4.5 tanks of diesel in the rental car. That's 174 liters of diesel fuel. Yes, I want to ride to work tomorrow to start making up for that :-)