Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tour de Tick - I Never Learn

The family and I went down to Neosho, MO for the Le Tour De Tick. We stayed with Gerard, Leonard and Neil at a nice line KOA campsite in Joplin. We opted to rent a cabin instead of camping out in the tent. Good idea because during the winds picked up and it sounded like a hurricane outside. It was a good time except for one two many beers and eating to much. More on that later.

This past week I finally went to the doctor for the pain in my chest I have been having. For the past month I have had chest pain, especially when I was stretching after a workout or during yoga. I was not to concerned, but Carolynn insisted I go get checked out. After a ECG came back o.k. an x-ray was taken. Appears I have a small fracture in my chest cavity. Must of been that crash back in February that I had forgotten all about. I shouldn't even be racing, but I guess I never learn..

I was glad the morning came when it did because I couldn't take getting up anymore. I awakened 6 times to 'relieve' myself. I guess I drank a few two many beers.....Carolynn cooked waffle's, eggs and sausage for breakfast. I usually don't eat much the morning of a race because when I do I always have a bad outcome. Well, I don't know what got into me, but I ate 3 waffles, 4 sausages and a 1/2 plate full of eggs. To top things off, I went ahead and consumed my normal pre-race meal: Cliffbar and my RaceLoad drink mix. Well I guess I never learn because I had a very bad event and fought off vomiting for most of the race. My stomach couldn't digest all that food by the 12:30pm start time. I rode as hard as I could without getting sick to my stomach. At one point a piece of horse shit (why they let horses on this trail is beyond me) flew into my mouth and I just about threw up. Which in hind site would have been a great idea.

On the bright side, Christopher and Carolynn both won and lead their prospective classes. Next Fat Tire round is Rhett's Run. Hopefully I will follow my proven pre-race plan and have a better day.

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