Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fat Tire Series Ends

The 2007 Fat Tire Duathlon Series comes to an end this weekend. It has been a long road promoting and racing these fine events. I've meet a few new friends and found out who my "real" friends are. I've spent way to many hours worring about details that I don't have any control over - will it rain, will the course be muddy, what if someone gets hurt, etc. Was it worth it? Hell no! Will I continue? I've already have the dates for 2008.....

The final event of the series is the Lunatic Fringe Duathlon. This years event moves to the new Smithville Lake MTB trails. If you have never ridden there you are missing some of the best trails in Missouri. Currently there is about 12 miles of trail. Saturday's duathlon will use all of the trails during its 2 mile trail run / 10 mile mountain bike / 2 mile trail run. Check out www.fattireduathlon.com for more info.

Short review of the God's Country events: Saturday's duathlon was well attended despite all the rain leading up to the event. The Lawrence River Trails, which were designed and built by the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club, were dry for the most part. A few "slimy" spots on the return trip, but for the most part in fine shape. Here are the results from the 6th Annual God's Country Duathlon.

Sunday's MTB race was a real scare. The trails were so fast and riders were riding in packs that it was more like an off-road criterium. The ambulance was called in 3 times. The first time they arrived it was for my good teammate Leonard Lastine. He was leading the Beginner Men 30 - 39 class by a good margin when he got a little "cocky" and hit this little jump at about mile 1 of his second lap. He went over the bars and hit his head good. He was knocked out and moaning in the woods when a fellow racer stopped to help him out.....the second call was for a lady who broke her wrist during a fall. She to got a little "cocky" and took a corner wide open.

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Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Yeah, you have to watch out for those "cocky" bikers! Don't want one to take YOU out too!