Sunday, January 21, 2007

I think I do need help

We got about 6 inches of snow around my house last night. I had planned to attend John's Snow Angle Ride, but I decided that I would give the trails behind my house a try. Especially the old Line Creek RR section which is relatively flat.

First a quick tour around my neighborhood. They just got done plowing the roads and were in fine shape. It was very fun and I was surprised by how much traction there was. I got all kinds of strange looks as folks were out shoveling their driveways wondering why some fool would be out on a bike during weather such as this.

After a few miles I decided to hit the trails just off 68th Street and Green Hills Road. There is a section of trail that goes straight through to Barry road (I believe it as used for the old Line Creek Rail Road) and usually offers some fun riding after a little snow. It was hard going at first, but I soon hit a section of trail that a herd of deer had so kindly plowed for me. Their trail lasted about 1/2 mile then it got tough again. That was until I came to a section of trail that an ATC rider had packed down for me. It would have been time to hit the big ring except for the fact that I was on my single speed. The fun lasted only about a mile then ended when the rider decided to hit the hills to the East. I decided to stick to the flat section and plow through the snow.

I ended up going out and back twice to Barry road. On the final leg I started to get cocky and tried bunny hopping several downed trees. The small ones were easy, but then I made a bad decision and tried to jump this rather large downed tree instead of following the ATC tracks around the beast. My rear tire hit squarely and I did a nice flip over the bars. I landed on my back and got the wind knocked out of me. It took a few minutes to catch my breath and dig my bike out of the snow. When came out of the woods at 68th street I again rested and removed some packed snow from around my brakes. While I was working on my bike a truck stopped and asked my if I needed help and why I was out in such weather. I said I was o.k. and was just out on a training ride. As I started to ride home I thought about what the driver had asked. Do I need help? After getting sprayed with freezing slush by a car that came speeding by I decided that I do need help. A sane person would be home drinking some beer watching the playoffs....

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Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

I agree. You DO need help! But if you do, then so do I. Maybe we can start our own support group. We'll have meetings out in the trails and work on the brainwashing techniques that will enable us to live more mundane lives like most other people. Hopefully THEN we'll realize what others already know... that pushing ourselves in extraordinary ways really isn't fun. It can only be insanity.
Keep up the crazy work!
P.S. we'll have to swap snow ride stories later!