Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wyco's Revenge II Report

The 2nd Annual Wyco's Revenge is just about done.  Sure the event took place last weekend, but post event work like filing USA Cycling paperwork, paying for officials, insurance, storing equipment etc. still needs to be done.  

Overall I think this years event was a success and it was good so see some new faces.  We had good growth and reached 98 entries. Still not the numbers I would like to see but several factors are limiting the growth including a saturated cycling calendar, we got rain on Friday night which scares riders away because they think it will be muddy and the event finished up at night which in its self is a huge limiting factor.  

 I came home Thursday to the smell of something funny and at first I think Christopher is smoking pot. No such luck as he is just finishing up the awards. 

 One of the first task for the day is to get the course all set up.  Shane and Cliff got the single track all marked and Christopher and I worked on the crossings and open road sections. Sometimes I go over board
 Christopher's truck earning its keep.  It was nice having a truck for this event.  I sold my Ranger last year and missed it at this years events.
 Tim Greene came out early to help setup the course and work registration.  He make all the fancy number plates so if you did not like the way your number was written you can see Tim.
Early Saturday morning Cliff went out to check the course.  Thankfully these trails were will built by the Trail Masons and drain very well.  Above Cliff taking a much needed break after marking the course. 
 Kidd getting ready for the nights festivities.  MTB'er do it right.  Start drinking early and often.
 Gerard working hard at registration. Gerard and I have been working events for the past 12 years together.   This smaller events are fun as you can work them and still race.  Gerard finished up registration in time to line up for the Sprint division posting a 8th place finish overall.
Andrew Ellis helping out with registration prior to heading to the Peace corps.  Last year Andrew raced the Sprint division and won it overall.  This year he came out to help us and moved to the full event and did very well with a 5th place finish.
I signed up and raced myself.  Legs felt very heavy all day and I was thankful I was in the sprint division because I sure did not feel like riding hard for 25 miles. I usually can get a fast start and have to worry about fading at the end. Today I could hardly stay in the top 5.  No power at all on the climbs which are plentiful out at Wyco.  About 20 minutes into the race I started feeling a little better and worked my way up to 2nd.  Cherry picker Damian Almanza had checked out and I knew the best I could do was 2nd on the day.  I am happy with that because I could have easily soft peddled the last part of the race and settled for a top 5 finish but I picked up the pace and really pushed it the last 20 minutes.
For most of the event David Lafond (#18) and Tyler Whetstone (#9) were ahead of me.  David is an old MX/Hare Scrambles guy and was ripping the turns up.  Tyler battled with Damian up front until one of the many tight turns at Wyco got the best of him and he went down.

Yes I got beat by a guy wearing pink socks.  And so did everyone else....
Birthday girl Anita Bandy.  Happy Birthday Anita.  Thank you for coming out and spending your birthday with us.  And thank you to everyone else who also came out to support local mountain biking. 

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