Saturday, August 24, 2013

Valves Gone Bad

After a short summer break the Forward Motion Hare Scrambles Series starts back up this weekend.   Luckily for us I started checking the bikes out last week and I could not get Christopher's bike to start.  Just what I needed.  Another problem to fix.  This summer has sure been full of them.

I used to work on all my MX bikes which were 2-strokes.  They are easy to work on and can be rebuilt for very little money and in a short amount of time.  I remember back in around 1986 I blew up my CR250 during practice for the Florida Winter Am Series.  A good thing with racing a big series back then was the manufactures had support vehicles. My brother Joey and I were able to talk them into giving us the parts (piston, rings, wrist pin, top end bears, circle clips, gaskets).  We rebuilt that bike before the first moto. 
These darn 4-strokes are a different story.  I like riding the 4 bangers, but trying to figure out a problem is very, very hard.  Christopher and I checked everything we could and based on the evidence we found the valves were gone. I called on Doug Stone to help me out.  He has a wealth of knowledge and was able to take on the task of rebuilding Christopher's CR 250X in time for this weekends Chanute, KS round.  Thanks to Donnell's Motorcycles for helping us out with parts and Larry for doing our cylinder head. You guys ROCK!
Not much to the pistons on these bikes.  The intake valves were done and had to be replaced along with a new piston and rings.

The results from all of Doug's hard work.  

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HellBilly said...

Nice job, good luck to you two :) I've got to get me a bike and come race one of those with y'all