Friday, March 29, 2013

The God's Country Report

This is one God's Country Fat Tire Festival I will remember for a long, long time.   Not just because of the adverse weather, but also because what I learned about people including myself.

First thing a quick report on my first attempt to race since my wrist injury. I really wanted to earn one of those sweet medals and was going to take a handful of pain killers and race on.

This year I had planned to race the Long Course, but when Christopher decided he wanted to take a more back seat approach to race promotion I had to switch to the Short Course.   I usually like to race the short course event during the God's Country Off-Road Duathlon if I can. and to be honest having the short course option is really just for me - it gives me the chance to race and still have time to help with the event and give out awards.  This year I was again able to race again since Heather was handling scoring, Christopher and Tyler were handling the music, the Trail Patrol was out on course keeping everyone safe and most important Carolynn was there to take care of any emergencies.   I almost did not get to race as the time really passed quickly this year on race morning.  I looked at the clock and only had 15 minutes to get dressed and ready to race.  Luckily I am quick at transitions and made the start with about 2 minutes to go.  I had been running down in Florida almost everyday and actually felt good during the 2 mile run leg.  Once I got warmed up during the first mile the return mile I started passing runners and setting into the event nicely.
I came into transition feeling good and had a great transition.  I passed a dozen or so and nipped Black Coffee going into the woods when he was on his Unicycle.  I set off on a good pace and felt strong but was having problems in the turns and whenever I hit a bump.  I rode most of the ride dominating my right side.  It worked out o.k. but to be honest I would not have been able to ride on any other trail system.  The Lawrence River Trails are easy enough that you can ride them with basically one hand. The trails were in great condition except for the back section which were a little slick.  Nothing bad, but I took it really easy because crashing and hurting my wrist again was not an option.  This year we decided to add the new Sand section.  I actually liked it and thought it was fine.  I know some riders (Hector :-)) did not like them, but it made for a different event.  I cruised into the final mile and really did not know where I sat overall.  Turns out I was leading the short course division only to let Chuong Doan pass with 1/4 mile to go.  I knew he was in the Male 30-39 class so I was not worried.  Chuong had a great bike and deserved the overall short course win.

First win of the year - 1st Place Male 40-49.   Nice to be on sharing the podium with my teammate Bob and my friend Kent - both very good multisport athletes.  Speaking of Bob, I was going through some old files and found some results from back in early 2000's.  I checked out the results of the Blue Springs Triathlon and guess who I was racing against?  Good ole Bob Tarne.  He kicked my butt on the run back then and today, but I got em in transition and on the bike :-)

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